Refocus imaging

Introducing Refocus Imaging, Inc.
Refocus Imaging, Inc. is an early-stage company headquartered in Mountain View, California. Refocus is taking the next big step in photography, transforming the camera into a powerful computational platform.
Turning Imaging Hardware Into Software
A Refocus Imaging camera captures the entire light field entering the lens, not just an ordinary image. Our computational photography processes the light field to produce pictures, implementing in software what the conventional camera and lens must do physically in hardware. Using the power and economics of software, computational photography removes the physical constraints of camera and lens systems.
A Revolution in Photographic Capabilities and Performance
Refocus Imaging's approach has produced revolutionary results. A Refocus camera can do things that have been considered impossible since the invention of photography. The ability to focus a picture after you take the shot is one striking example, and only the tip of the iceberg. Computational cameras will make photography dramatically simpler, higher performance, and much more fun.
Refocus Imaging is redefining photography. Computational imaging is the future.

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