Ganadores del Concurso Humanity Award en China

Felicitamos a nuestro compañero Toño Arias por haber ganado premio en este prestigioso concurso.

En la comunicación del comite organizador dice :

It’s a great honor for us to inform you that your works entitled “Gagá(Rará), Celebrating the Spring”of category D have won the Nomination Awards. According to the constitution, we sincerely invite you to attend the awards ceremony and the opening ceremony of the premiere exhibition of "Memories of Mankind Ⅵ" in Guangzhou China from September 15th to 18th.

El concurso recibió 3124 trabajos (cada trabajo es un conjunto de hasta 12 imágenes) y premiaron 166,entre los que está nuestro amigo y compañero de Fotogrupo.

The list of nomination and above awards of HPA2009

Portrait & Costume
"Comb" Hair Style
Aka People Located on the Boundary of China and Laos
Beech Rustle
Brazilian Nations
Eritrea Weaving the Footprints
Faces of Turkana
Iranian Women
Kukeri - A Living Tradition from Bulgaria
Lithuanian National Costume
Men from Sahara
Orphanage Cum Islamic School
Paro Tsechu
Portraits of Diversity
The Best Tiv Cloth
The Bines Corselets
The Costume of Wuzhumuqin
The Man in Liangshan
Vigilantes in Pink

"Shell House" in Quanzhou
And Into Marble You Shall Retune
Architecture of M'Zab Valley
Building Wood Structure House
Buildings in Laos
Dragon Bridge
Inca Architecture
Inner Town in Baku
Islam Churches in Malaysia
Koti Banal
Meteara Monasterys
Myanma Handicrafts from Shwe in Pin Monastry
Old Streets in Shantou
Oriental Tales
Portraits of Windows
Roadside Crosses
Stonehenge Site
The Fubao Town in Mountains
The Karpathian House, Isle of Karpathos, Greece
Traditional Dwellings of Indonesia
Transitional Wooden Churches in Romania
Underground Houses in Yuxi
Vijayanagara through the Eyes of Alexander Greenlaw
Wooden Architecture of Dong Minority
Xingcheng's Stone Lion

Living and Production Custom
A Proud People Called Masaai
Akha People
Ancient Tanning Methods
Asmat - The Forgotten People
Baby Back Gallus
Chinchero Weavers
Daily life, Bichigiu, Transylvania, Romania
Dalian's Trams
Dege Sutra - Printing House
Dong Minority's Traditional Harvest of Nuohe
Drying Pimiento
Everyday life in the ruler areas of Turkey
Falcon Hunting
Fishermen - Seychelles
Fragrant Pu-erh Tea
Hair Cut
Historical Professions in China
Improvised Drying Method
Indian Mahout
Journey of Flowers
Kazakh People
Life of Inter
Living Stone
Making Traditional Rice Cakes
Mro Tribal Life in Bangladesh
Muwila's People, the Beauty of the Life in the Heart of Angola
Oilpaper Fan in Chuandong
Potato Fields
Producing Black Tiles
Qashqai Nomads of Iran
Red Umbrella in Luzhou
Sami People in the Arctic Circle
Sinan's Basket Carriers
Siphandon - Mekong Fishing under Threat
Story of A Brick Field
The Cidermen
The Gorge's Porter
The Hands and the Clay
The Laiwu Laver
The Last Himba People
The Nepali at Work
The Old Alcohol Factory in Chuannan
The Sand Pottery in Yingjing
The Traditional Life of Blockhouses
The Traditional Oil Workshop of Tujia Minority
The Uros floting people of the Titicaca Lake
Traditional Fishing
Traditional Jobs and Portraits of their Owners
Traditional Process of Making Sweet Potato Noodle
Tuvas's Village
Wooden Kayaks in Yuan River
Yunnan Caravan Carrying Tea to Beijing

"Raosanling" Ritual of Bai Minority
45th BVSS-Fernandes AVD
An Overview of Tibetan Area
Carnival in Ptuj
Chacramanay's Festivities in Yanahuanca
Dangerous Journey
Diaolang Village Fire Festival for New Year's Coming
Esala Perahera
Feast of Theophany (Epiphany Sirs) in Kazan
Fire Sacrifice
Gagá(Rará), Celebrating the Spring
Galaxidi Clean Monday Celebrations
Gay Gauhari's Fair
Gilles Carnival
Holy Week in Sicily
In Unison with God
Iron Balls Hitting
June Festival in Qinghai
Maltese Carnival
Moharram, tears for Hussein
Navruz in Bdisuu
Oriental Churches Easter in Holy Land
Pagan Traditions in Belarus
Pao Ma Pai
Return Home Festival in Mountains
Sofi Dance
The Dance of the Devils
The Masopust Parade - The Czech Mardi Gras
The Passion of Christ in the Peruvian Andes
Water-splashing Festival
Wheat Festival in the Picenum Area
Xiaogongbahaer - Traditional Festival of Tajik

Education, Recreation,Sports & Technology
Chinese Children's Folk Sport Game
Folk Sports of Uygur
Li Shihong's Life of Shadow Figures
Nuo Drama in Sizhou
Phoenix's Dragon Boat Race
Producing Bronzes in Chinese Village
Shaolin Qingkung
Synchronized Skating
The Folklore Archery Contest in the Qinghai Tibetan
The Last Pan Fixer
The Last Shadow Play
The Movable - Type Printed Genealogy
The Talkies in A Tuck
Treatment Ceremonies
Traditional Rites
Apache Mountain Spirit Dancers
Cliff Hanger: Death Rite
Dragon Boat Festival in Shunde
Funeral Culture of Tujia Minority in Xiangxi
Funeral in Togo
Funeral of Yi Minority
Holy Friday
Invite God
Mouse Worship in India
Pakistani Shia Muslim Migrants Celebrate Ashura
Pamirs Wedding
Religious Feast Days as Social Events, Isle of Karpathos, Greece
Set the Fish Free
Spring Rituals of the Ancient Baltic Religion
The Mysterious Nuo Drama
The Serpent Rite
The Temple Disappeared in the Three Gorges
The Ubud Royal Cremation (Pelebon)
Tribal Child Marriage
Tribes of the Omo Valley, Southern Ethiopia
Wedding of Dong Minority
Yaxi Sacrificing Fire of the Yi Minority

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